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Northern Uganda Water Supply Services (NUWATER) Consultancy services for the baseline survey of water supply systems and services in Kitgum

Author(s): ARD Inc

Publisher: USAID
Place of publication: Washington, DC, USA
Year: 2010


This report was prepared for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),

Contract No. 617-C-00-08-0014-00, Northern Uganda Water Supply Services, in association

with the External Services Unit of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda.

This report contains the findings of the Baseline Survey on Kitgum Water Supply Systems and Services,

carried out by BEC Engineers, subcontracted by ARD Inc. to undertake the assignment. The report

comprises 13 chapters and eight annexes.

ARD commissioned the baseline survey to examine a range of variables and indicators relevant to

provision of improved water supply in order to establish benchmarks to be used for continuous project

monitoring and final evaluation of the Northern Uganda Water Supply Services (NUWATER) project.

Further, drawing upon the findings of the baseline survey, ARD would update NUWATER¡¦s

Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP). In particular, the survey considered three interrelated aspects:

?h Collecting and analyzing socioeconomic data on existing and potential pipe water consumers in

Kitgum Town;

?h Verifying, updating and validating the data presented in the Performance Indicator Sheets (PIRS) of

the PMP; and

?h Investigating willingness and ability to pay for water services in Kitgum.

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