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Tools for sustainable operation and maintenance of urban infrastructure: Tool 7A and Tool 10

Author(s): Sohail, M.  |  Cotton, A.P.

Publisher: WEDC
Place of publication: Loughborough University, UK
Year: 2002

Collection(s): Urban services and infrastructure  |  WEDC Bookshop

Price: £9.95
ISBN: 9781843800163


This booklet is a supplement to the WHO monograph Tools for assessing the O&M status of water supply and sanitation in developing countries which comprises nine tools for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of operations and maintenance (O&M) of water supply and sanitation services. The WHO tools are:

Tool 1: Effectiveness of the O&M management system
Tool 2: Guidelines for an audit of O&M
Tool 3: A framework for assessing the status of O&M
Tool 4: Guidelines on O&M performance evaluation
Tool 5: Guidelines on O&M performance reporting
Tool 6: Guidelines for the selection of performance indicators
Tool 7: Performance indicators for water supply and sanitation
Tool 8: Potential information sources
Tool 9: Participatory information-gathering.

Tool 7 suggests performance indicators which are specific to water supply and sanitation; all other tools are generic and apply equally to any other of the urban services. Tool 7 has been produced as a supplement to Tool 7 which provides some indicators in relation to these other urban services. On inspection of Tools 7 and 7A, however, it can be seen that it is relatively straightforward to develop 'equivalent' performance indicators oneself for one's own use. An additional Tool 10 has also been prepared to offer advice on indicators for technical, financial and institutional sustainability.

Low-income communities  |  O&M  |  Sustainability  |  Urban services