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  1. Community initiatives in urban infrastructure * (1998)
    Cotton, A.P.; Sohail, M.; Tayler, W.K.
  2. Implementing labour standards in construction: A sourcebook * (2003)
    Ladbury, Sarah; Cotton, Andrew; Jennings, Mary
  3. Implementing labour standards in construction: Briefing and guidance notes * (2005)
    Scott, Rebecca; Cotton, Andrew
  4. Operation and maintenance of urban services: Synthesis note * (2002)
    Sohail, M.; Cotton, A.P.
  5. Operation, maintenance and sustainability of services for the urban poor: Findings, lessons learned and case studies summary and analysis * (2001)
    Sohail, M.; Cavill, S.; Cotton, A.P.
  6. Partnerships to improve access and quality of public transport: Guidelines and compilation CD * (2003)
    Sohail, M.; Mitlin, D.; Maunder, D.A.C.
  7. Performance monitoring of micro-contracts for the procurement of urban infrastructure * (2000)
    Sohail, M.; Cotton, Andrew
  8. Services for the urban poor - sections 1-6: Guidance for policymakers, planners and engineers (complete series) (2000)
    Cotton, Andrew; Tayler, Kevin
  9. Serving all urban consumers: A marketing approach to water services in low- and middle-income countries - collection of Books 1-6 (2004)
    Sansom, Kevin
  10. The sweeping business: Developing entrepreneurial skills for the collection of solid waste * (2001)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew


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