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Assessing sanitation policy: A series of WEDC briefing notes

Author(s): Tayler, Kevin  |  Scott, Rebecca  |  Salifu, Lukman  |  Shrestha, Guna Raj

Publisher: WEDC
Place of publication: Loughborough University, UK
Year: 2005

Collection(s): Water and sanitation resources  |  WEDC Bookshop

Price: £12.95
ISBN: 9781843800934


This series of Briefing Notes Assessing Sanitation Policy is based on lessons learned from national sanitation policy assessments carried out in Ghana and Nepal, together with the review and assessment of sanitation policy in these and other countries. The Notes provide concise guidance on the importance of sanitation policy and what can be done to ensure that it is widely supported, relevant and implemented effectively.

These Notes will be particularly useful for government institutions, donors, I/NGOs and private sector organizations who are involved in contributing to the sanitation policy debate, or promoting good sanitation practice.

  • Briefing Note: Overview
    Sanitation policy: Why is it important and how to make it work
  • Briefing Note: Ghana
    National sanitation policy in Ghana: A case for improved co-ordination?
  • Briefing Note: Nepal
    Implementing national sanitation policy in Nepal: Challenges and opportunities
  • Briefing Note: Review
    Comparing national sanitation policy content: An initial review of nine country profiles

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