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DFID Environmental health and the poor. Our shared responsibility

Author(s): Cairncross, Sandy  |  Kolsky, Pete

Publisher: WEDC
Place of publication: Loughborough University, UK
Year: 2002

Series: WELL Books
Collection(s): WELL

ISBN: 047190001X


This note seeks to show the importance of environmental health in eliminating poverty, and the impact which development projects in a wide range of sectors can have, for good or ill, on environmental health. The target audience is professionals working in development who are likely to come across Environmental Health issues and opportunities at the practical, management and policy level; the primary focus is on developing country nationals, as well as staff of external development support agencies.

Information is presented in bite-size portions to help you pull out those aspects of most interest to you.

The note illustrates the importance of environmental health and sets it in the context of the global burden of disease, of the overall goal of poverty elimination, and of the wider objectives of international development. It explores some of the key issues affecting environmental health improvement and ends by showing how, for a wide range of sectoral development projects, concrete measures are available which can improve environmental health for the poor.

Everybody who changes the natural or built environment has an impact on environmental health!