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  1. DFID Environmental health and the poor. Our shared responsibility * (2002)
    Cairncross, Sandy; Kolsky, Pete
  2. Groundwater, latrines and health * (1999)
    Cave, Ben; Kolsky, Pete
  3. Surface water drainage - how evaluation can improve performance * (1999)
    Kolsky, Pete; Shaw, Rod
  4. Some global statistics for water and sanitation related disease [Reviewed and updated: Lucy Smith, June 2005; Quality Assurance: Sandy Cairncross, LSHTM] * (2005)
    Parry-Jones, Sarah; Kolsky, Pete; Smith, Lucy; Cairncross, Sandy
  5. Evaluation and HRD components of UNICEF-WES Aurangabad retreat. Final report. WELL task no: 478. Prepared on behalf of DFID (2000)
    Kolsky, Pete; Patkar, Archana; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM); Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  6. Manual on promotion of hygiene and sanitation in Ger areas, Mongolia * (2006)
    Lahiri, Santanu; Briones, Henry; Perez, Eduardo A.; Community-led Infrastructure Development Project; City of Ulaanbaatar; Kolsky, Pete; World Bank