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Sanitation demand and supply in rural Bangladesh : rapid assessment to identify supply chain challenges

Author(s): Baetings, E  |  Farhat Ubaid, S.  |  Haque, R.

Publisher: IRC | BRAC
Place of publication: The Hague, The Netherlands | Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2014


Sanitation supply chain development is about making sanitation products (hardware) and services available and accessible to consumers based on their specific needs and preferences. •Supply is concerned with the availability and accessibility of sanitation products (goods) and services that the market (or producers) can deliver, based on a set value (price). •Demand for products (goods) and services is influenced by the needs and preferences of consumers, based on a set value (price) that they are willing to pay. The BRAC WASH programme’s aim is to develop strategies that improve the supply of products and services and give equal attention to demand creation; to motivate consumers to consider alternative and more suitable sanitation options. In turn, BRAC WASH’s aim is to transform stated demand to actual acquisition to help increase sanitation coverage in the country.

Bangladesh  |  Latrines  |  Toilets