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Malawi 2015 Floods Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report

Author(s): Malawi Government  |  Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)

Publisher: Malawi Government
Place of publication: Malawi
Year: 2015


 The PDNA report indicates that the Malawi 2015 floods affected 1,101,364 people, displaced 230,000 and killed 106 people. The assessment focuses on medium to long term reconstruction and provides the guiding principles for recovery, including assessment of the damage, losses, and recovery and reconstruction strategies for each sector are provided in detailed sector. 

Additionally, the report pinpoints seven key actions designed to enhance disaster resilience, including (i) implement measures to address the expected increase in poverty as a result of the floods such as safeguard food security, (ii) mainstream DRM in all sectors through resilient-designs of key infrastructures, (iii) improve disaster financing systems linked to preparedness and contingency planning, (iv) address the expected decreased agricultural output by introducing cash for work program, (v) address the need for improved housing construction by implementing safer housing construction guidelines and land use planning, (vi) increase public understanding of disaster management and disaster risk reduction from national to community levels through engagement program, and (vii) strengthen institutional arrangements in management disaster in the country to unsure connectedness and success in the implementation of disaster risk management activities.

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