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  1. Community initiatives in solid waste * (1995)
    Ali, Mansoor
  2. Micro-enterprise development for primary collection * (1998)
    Ali, Mansoor
  3. Solid waste management: A collection of synthesis notes * (0)
    Ali, Mansoor
  4. Process of change - field notes: Capacity building in primary collection of solid waste * (2000)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew
  5. The sweeping business: Developing entrepreneurial skills for the collection of solid waste * (2001)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew
  6. Transport development in Dhaka and the forgotten millions (2005)
    Rouse, Jonathan; Ali, Mansoor
  7. Vehicles for people or people for vehicles?: Issues in solid waste collection in low-income countries * (2002)
    Rouse, Jonathan; Ali, Mansoor
  8. Waste pickers in Dhaka: Using the sustainable livelihoods approach - Key findings and field notes * (2001)
    Rouse, Jonathan; Ali, Mansoor
  9. Down to earth: Solid waste disposal for low-income countries * (1999)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew; Westlake, Ken
  10. Healthcare or health risks? Risks from healthcare waste to the poor * (2000)
    Appleton, Jenny; Ali, Mansoor; Woodfield, Julie


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