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  1. Developing drinking-water quality standards * (1999)
    Ince, Margaret
  2. Water and sanitation in Africa. Proceedings of the 11th WEDC Conference, Dar Es Salaam (15-19 Apr 1985) * (1985)
    Ince, Margaret
  3. Monitoring pollution in Lagos Lagoon systems * (1993)
    Ince, Margaret E
  4. Bacteriological testing of water [Quality assurance: Margaret Ince] * (1993)
    Cairncross, Sandy; Ince, Margaret
  5. Controlling and preventing disease: The role of water and environmental sanitation interventions * (2003)
    Rottier, Erik; Ince, Margaret
  6. Information design and distance learning for international development: A WEDC M.Phil. study in international development. * (2001)
    Shaw, Rod; Ince, Margaret
  7. Water for low-income urban communities (A WEDC Guidance Note) (2001)
    Forrest, Caroline; Ince, Margaret
  8. Drinking water quality surveillance and monitoring in Lao PDR. Report on DWQM and laboratory equipment and facilities (2002)
    Ince, Margaret; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  9. Lessons from DFID water and sanitation programmes in Bangladesh: supporting the provision of safe hygiene, sanitation and water for all * (2006)
    Scott, Rebecca; Sansom, Kevin; Ince, Margaret; Fisher, Julie