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  1. Living with floods [Quality Assurance: Sandy Cairncross] * (2006)
    Reed, Brian; Cairncross, Sandy
  2. Poster 001: Latrine slabs * (2013)
    Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  3. Capacity development: making the investment count in Uganda * (2005)
    Coates, Sue; Reed, Brian; Fisher, Julie
  4. Decentralizing water and sanitation services in federated countries: an introductory review [third draft] (2007)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Scott, Rebecca
  5. Emptying pit latrines [Quality Assurance: Andrew Cotton] * (2006)
    Scott, Rebecca; Reed, Brian; Cotton, Andrew
  6. G001: An introduction to visual impact assessment * (2011)
    Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Jackson, Tricia
  7. G002: Disasters and emergencies: definitions, impacts and response * (2011)
    Reed, Brian; Bosher, Lee; Shaw, Rod
  8. G002FR: Catastrophes et situations d’urgence: définitions, impacts et réponse * (2014)
    Reed, Brian; Bosher, Lee; Shaw, Rod
  9. G006: An introduction to the Logical Framework * (2011)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  10. G006FR: Le cadre logique * (2015)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod


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