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  1. (Archive) Security of Employment Act 1964 (with amendments of 1969 & 1975) (1964)
  2. (Archive) Singur Health Centre: its achievements and lessons over a quarter of a century (1944-1969) (1969)
    All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta; Rao, M.N.; Sen, P.C.
  3. (Archive) Societies (CAP 337 - Suppl 63) Chapter 337 of the Laws (revised) principal legislation (1964)
  4. (Archive) Sokoto S.E. sheet 10 S.E. map: scale 1:50,000 (1967)
    Nigeria, Federal Surveys
  5. (Archive) Supplementary report on sewerage and sewage disposal (1966)
    Hong Kong, Government of Northern New Territories; Watson, J.D.; Watson, D.M.
  6. (Archive) Survey of the Vaal Dam catchment area: part 1: the chemical composition of the main tributaries (1960)
    National Institute for Water Research; CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Malan, W.C.
  7. (Archive) The Central Public Health Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, India: report prepared for the government of India by the WHO, acting as executing agency for the UNDP (1968)
    UNDP United Nations Development Program; WHO World Health Organization; CPHERI Central Public Health Engineering Research Institute
  8. (Archive) The Contract Act (IX of 1872) (1992)
    Mulla, Dinshah Fardunji; Awan, Iqbal Mahmood
  9. (Archive) The geology and underground water of Rangoon with special reference to tube-wells (1959)
    Leicester, P.
  10. (Archive) The introduction of rainwater catchment tanks and micro-irrigation (1969)
    Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG)


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