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  1. Female-friendly public and community toilets: findings from four country pilot assessments and next steps for the sector * (2021)
    Nath, Priya
  2. Prioritizing equitable access to sanitation for vulnerable groups: lessons from SSH4A programme in five countries * (2021)
    Wandera, Jackson
  3. Swachh Bharat Mission – Case of Visakhapatnam city * (2021)
    De, Anwesha
  4. The impact of Covid-19 on women's access to water, sanitation, and hygiene in an Indonesian fishing village * (2021)
    Capri, Wigke
  5. Women's participation in community-managed water supply schemes: an update on the challenges facing WASEP * (2021)
    Grieser, Anna
  6. A holistic approach to tackling menstrual hygiene management in rural communities in Kenya * (2018)
    Kidney, Maria
  7. Ensuring sustainability and improving functionality of water supply facilities through VLOM in Nigeria: from pilot to national strategy * (2018)
    Khan, Farooq
  8. Financial inclusion and safe sanitation in slum communities of Abuja, Nigeria * (2018)
    Abass, Kabiru
  9. Sanitation 'secrets' and menstrual hygiene management: what can perimenopausal women tell us? * (2018)
    Bhakta, Amita
  10. Sanitation problems faced by selected slum women: a micro-level study * (2018)
    Lakshmi, Sreebhagya


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