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  1. Cleansing in hidden spaces: the bathing needs of perimenopausal women * (2017)
    Bhakta, Amita
  2. Impact of community-led total sanitation on women’s health in urban slums of Kalyani Municipality * (2017)
    Prabhakaran Bisht, Preetha
  3. Key challenges of marginalised communities on sanitation and hygiene and recommendations to clean India * (2017)
    Mishra, Vinod Kumar
  4. Taking women’s different bodily functions into account, including menstruation, in sanitation provision * (2017)
    Greed, Clara
  5. Urination needs and practices away from home: where do women go? * (2017)
    Cavill, Sue
  6. Why do women in India not use public toilets? : patterns and determinants of usage by women in Warangal City * (2017)
    Reddy, Malini
  7. Supporting sanitation and hygiene in prisons: WaterAid's support for Bolle detention centre in Mali * (2016)
    Traore, Moussa Alou
  8. Access to emergency sanitation for Pakistani women: a case study in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan * (2015)
    Ahmed, W.
  9. WASH for the perimenopause in low-income countries: changing women, concealed knowledge? * (2014)
    Bhakta, Amita
  10. Addressing water and sanitation needs of displaced women in emergencies * (2013)
    de Lange, Rink


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