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  1. A bridge too far: an analysis of WASH KAP study from four Indian states * (2014)
    Ray, A. Manbendra Nath
  2. A case study of the sustainability-focused monitoring of the Basic Services Fund (2006-2012) in South Sudan * (2014)
    Leclert, Lucie M C
  3. A pro-poor community based approach for water and sanitation in small Mekong region towns * (2014)
    Sarkar, A.
  4. Access to services in low-income urban communities in Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania * (2014)
    Medland, Louise
  5. Achieving sustainability: linking CLTS with other approaches: an example of a thorough WASH intervention in South Eastern Chad * (2014)
    Bauby, Anne-Laure
  6. Adding value to development work: exploring impact assessment within a Philippines water supply project * (2014)
    Kim, Steve
  7. Addressing food security, WASH and climate vulnerability: the WaterAid-CARE partnership in Timor-Leste * (2014)
    George, Alana
  8. Adopting locally appropriate WASH solutions: a case study of rock catchment systems in South Sudan * (2014)
    Leclert, Lucie M C
  9. Akvo FLOW in Nepal: real time monitoring of WASH services * (2014)
    Lama, Jigmy Palzor
  10. Aluminum electrocoagulation: defluoridation technology for Andhra Pradesh, India * (2014)
    Cherukumilli, Aruna


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