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  1. Improving water point functionality in Malawi: making the case for minimum financing for direct support * (2017)
    Byrns, Sydney
  2. Making a SPLASH for WASH in schools in Zambia * (2013)
    Lupele, Justin
  3. The impact of water governance levels on access to water for the most vulnerable: a case study from the Philippines * (2013)
    Lerebours, Alix
  4. Advocacy manual for gender and water ambassadors: Guidelines - lobbying, speeches, conferences;Training Module; Case Studies * (2003)
    Lidonde, Rose Atemo; De Jong, Dick; Barot, Nafisa; Nahar, Begum Shamsun; Maharaj, Niala; Derbyshire, Helen; Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
  5. Lessons from scaling up urban sanitation development in Indonesia and Mozambique * (2017)
    Blackett, Isabel C.
  6. Pathways to improving sustainability of WASH services: influencing government planning and decisions, Indonesia * (2017)
    Ferdian, Herie
  7. County First Lady champions in transformative partnerships for MHM advocacy and integration * (2018)
    Kivutha, Nazi
  8. Improving WASH governance through advocacy: lessons learned from Afghanistan * (2011)
    Keiru, Bilha Joy
  9. Lessons from Karachi: the role of demonstration, documentation, mapping and relationship building in advocacy for improved urban sanitation and water services * (2008)
    Pervaiz, Arif; Rahman, Perween; Hasan, Arif; International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  10. Mapping Malawi's budget decision-making for rural WASH service delivery * (2018)
    Wahba, Joy


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