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  1. Rural solid waste in the Western Cape * (1997)
    van der Merwe, J H
  2. SAICE infrastructure report card for South Africa 2011 (2011)
    South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE)
  3. Sand abstraction systems * (1997)
    Clanahan, M J
  4. Sanitation Policy in S Africa: Does it address People with Disabilities? * (2006)
    Matsebe, Gertrude
  5. Sanitation programmes take time! * (1999)
    Blackett, Isabel C.
  6. Services For All. October 2006. Newsletter of the Municipal Services Project. Articles include: The cholera aftermath and risks of recurrence; Municipal services, daily life and HIV in South Africa; The legal challenge: pre-paid water for the poor in Soweto (2006)
    Hemson, David; Kelly, Kevin; McKinley, Dale
  7. Setting up monitoring networks and analysis of data * (2001)
    Moabi, F
  8. Small scale unit for groundwater treatment * (1997)
    Mackintosh, G S
  9. Solar power for community water supply * (2000)
    Bannister, Mark
  10. South Africa's BoTT Program: an integrated 'one stop' approach to developing sustainable water and sanitation services in rural and periurban communities (1999)
    Komives, Kristin; Mas, Jean-Pierre; Lyonnaise des Eauz; Water and Sanitation Services of South Africa (WSSA)


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