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  1. Project management handbook for water supply and sanitation projects
    Zimbabwe: Environmental Health Department Ministry of Health
  2. Prospects for irrigation development around Lake Zwai Ethiopia (1976)
    Land Resources Study 26; Land Resources Division, Ministry of Overseas Development (ODA); Makin, M.J. Kingham, T.J.; Waddams, A.E.; Birchall, C.J.; Eavis, B.W.
  3. Rural Water and Sanitation East Uganda Project. WDD-Danida project proposal report (1989)
    Carl Bro International; Centre for Development Research; DanEduc Consulting; Danida
  4. Using cell phones to monitor and evaluate behaviour change through community health clubs in South Africa * (2009)
    Rosenfeld, Jason
  5. Wastewater treatment for Mwanza municipality in Tanzania (1988)
    Majura, Paul B.M.
  6. Water hygiene, environmental sanitation and the control of diarrhoeal diseases in Botswana: a knowledge, attitudes and practices study (1991)
    Botswana, Republic of. Ministry of Health; Botswana,Republic of. Ministry of Local Government and Lands; SIAPAC - Africa; Social Impact Assessment and Policy Analysis Corporation
  7. Low cost sanitation alternative for Port Harcourt (1987)
    Green, S.I.
  8. Modelstudy Gash Basin. Appendix E (1989)
    Water resources assessment and development project in the Sudan (WADS); Institute of Applied Geoscience; TNO; National Corporation for the Development of Rural Water Resources; NCDWR
  9. Rehabilitation of rural water supply in Equatoria State of Sudan (1992)
    Lomodong, Morris, J.W.
  10. Upgrading Kasulu urban water supply (1990)
    Mutazamba, Jackson L.


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