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  1. Rainwater harvesting and management in semi-arid areas of Tigray region, Ethiopia * (2017)
    Girma, Tsegay Yetmgeta
  2. The mythical nature of MDG7c to Kenya's arid and semi-arid lands (ASALS) * (2013)
    Afullo, Augustine
  3. Community managed rural water and sanitation projects in arid and semi arid lands of Kenya (2008)
    Lokong, A.T.
  4. Pastoral environment and water resource development (2002)
    Frelechoux, Nicole
  5. Sustainable development in Nigeria's dry belt: problems & prospects. Proceedings of the NEST annual workshop held in October 1990 in Kano, Nigeria (1991)
    Ologe, K.O.; Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team; NEST
  6. The extent of water sector reforms in arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya - a case study of Isiolo Town and outskirts [Distance learning] (2012)
    Di Lullo, Anne-Marie
  7. Water from sand rivers: Guidelines for abstraction * (2007)
    Hussey, Stephen W.
  8. The politics and poetics of water. The naturalisation of scarcity in western India (2005)
    Mehta, Lyla
  9. Persistent practices. Influences of sedenterization on water, sanitation and solid waste developments. (The final pitch. Residual practices and perspectives following sedentarization of nomads in water, sanitation and solid waste) (2007)
    Darby, Timothy John
  10. Water supply for traditional pastoralists in arid and semi arid environments (2002)
    Salone, GianLuca