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  1. Utilization of Lapsi seed stone (Choerospondias Axillaris) as source of activated charcoal for removal of arsenic * (2011)
    Rajbhandari, Rinita
  2. Arsenic in drinking water and governance issues: a case study from Italy * (2012)
    Melloni, Gian Maria
  3. Experiences from household level participatory water safety and security planning in Haroa block, West Bengal, India * (2011)
    Dave, Shyam Narayan
  4. Water culture in South Asia. Bangladesh perspectives (2014)
    Hanchett, Suzanne; Monju. Tofazzel Hossain; Akhter, Kazi Rozana; Akhter, Shireen; Islam, Anwar
  5. Willingness to pay for arsenic-free, safe drinking water in Bangladesh (Fighting arsenic: listening to rural communities) (2003)
    Ahmad, Junaid; Goldar, B.N.; Misra, Smita; Jakariya, M.; Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC); Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia
  6. Water, sanitation and hygiene - Challenges of the Millennium: Proceedings of the 26th WEDC Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2000 * (2001)
    Pickford, John
  7. The community comes forth (1998)
    Halder, Joseph; NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation
  8. The impact of operation and maintenance training following water safety plan on the operation and management of arsenic removal technologies [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Morsheda, Elma
  9. Water. A matter of life and health. Water supply and sanitation in village India (2005)
    Black, Maggie; Talbot, Rupert


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