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  1. Road accidents in Pakistan (NTRC-64) (1983)
    National Transport Research Centre; NTRC; Pakistan, Government of, Planning Commission; Swati, M. Sadiq; Downing, A.J.
  2. Rural water supply programme: remedial / rehabilitation survey form
    Bhutan Government, Department of Works and Housing; Public Health Engineering Division
  3. The volume and composition of traffic on tertiary rural roads (NTRC -80) (1985)
    National Transport Research Centre; NTRC; Pakistan, Government of. Planning Commission; Smith, John
  4. The water (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1974 (No.6 of 1974) (1974)
    Government of India; Ministry of Law, Justice and Company Affairs
  5. (Archive) Rural community water supply development: fact finding regional symposium Addis Ababa Ethiopia (1964)
    Karakannas, H.P.; USAID US Agency for International Development
  6. A suggested procedure for the evaluation of bids for consultancy services * (1982)
    Sundaramoorthy, S
  7. African public health engineering during the decade * (1982)
    Iwugo, K O
  8. An approach to water sector training in developing countries * (1982)
    Richards, A M
  9. Annual Report 1986-87 (1989)
    BADC; Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
  10. Application of vector mechanics in a manually operated turbo-pump * (1982)
    Garg, S S


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