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  1. Ecological parameters in oxidation ponds * (1984)
    Shrivastava, A K
  2. Economic implications of vehicle overloading: final report (NTRC -71) (1984)
    National Transport Research Centre; NTRC; Pakistan, Government of. Planning Commission; Majeed, Abdul
  3. Education and training in India - problems and solutions * (1984)
    Gajendragadkar, Professor S K
  4. Environmental imporvement in slums through community participation * (1984)
    Thomas, Dr P R
  5. Experiences in planning and implementing low cost sanitation * (1984)
    Kshirsagar, S R
  6. Experiences with low cost water supply * (1984)
    Campen, R G
  7. Experimental earth retaining structures in Nepal: The Institution Medal and Premium (local associations) Competition 1989. Edinburgh and East of Scotland Association 24th Oct 1989 (1989)
    Mapplebeck, Nicholas John; Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  8. From policing to participation: reorientation of forest department field staff in Nepal (Research Report Series Number 11) (1990)
    Research Report Series Number 11; Gronow, Jane; Shrestha, Narayan Kaji; Nepal, HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  9. Harnessing of rainwater, the underutilised source in developing countries * (1984)
    Appan, Dr A
  10. Irrigation practices in Bangladesh (1982)
    Quasem, Abdul MD


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