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  1. How to improve sanitation in Mae La refugee camp: SI sludge treatment unit * (2016)
    Cavalazzi, Fabrizio
  2. Sanitation management and information technology in Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan * (2016)
    Melloni, Gian Maria
  3. Integrating sanitation and environment assessments for use in emergencies (2007)
    Hammond, Victoria Le-Anne
  4. Water re-contamination in displaced persons' camps. (A case study of the water and sanitation intervention in Kala refugee camp, with particular reference to the water quality consumed by refugees) (2007)
    Massey, Alexander George
  5. Solid waste management in contingency operation base camps (2009)
    Martinsson, Emil
  6. Emergency vector control using chemicals: A handbook for relief workers - 2nd edition * (1999)
    Lacarin, Christophe Jean; Reed, Bob
  7. Promoting sustainable livelihoods in a refugee context: case study Dadaab refugee camps (2002)
    Gichora, Muiko Martin
  8. The Merti aquifer in Kenya: a sustainable water resource for the Dadaab refugee camps * (2016)
    Blandenier, Lucien
  9. Thermophilic composting of human wastes in uncertain urban environments: a case study from Haiti * (2013)
    Kramer, Sasha
  10. Sanitation technology transfer from UK festivals to migrant camps in Greece * (2016)
    McManmon, Thomas G.


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