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  1. Building local capacity to promote sanitation: Vietnam and Cambodia * (2017)
    Goodwin-Kucinsky, Molly
  2. Emergency and Humanitarian Action Programme in Bangladesh: building capacities for risk reduction (2004)
    Bangladesh Centre for Health Emergency Preparedness & Response; Bangladesh, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
  3. Joint financing arrangement between the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance and Economic Deveopment and the following donor group: Dfid, World Bank, African Development Bank, Unicef. Second incomplete draft of the JFA for capacity building and infrastructure in the water and sanitation sector, Ethiopia
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources; Ethiopia, Ministry of Health; Ethiopia, Ministry of Education; Ethiopia, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  4. Mutual reinforcement: combining project outputs with capacity development outcomes for service delivery * (2013)
    Nilsson, Kristina
  5. Sida support to local governance in Tajikistan. Knowledge creating results (2006)
    Ramboll Management
  6. Strategic framework for capacity development in the water sector in Tanzania (2008)
    Tanzania, Water Sector Working Group; Tanzania, Thematic Working Group on Institutional Development and Capacity Building
  7. Uganda water action plan: Report 4: Institutional and management issues (WAP Doc.008/final) (1995)
    Uganda, Ministry of Natural Resources, Directorate of Water Development
  8. A global review of capacity building organizations in water sanitation, and hygiene for developing countries * (2013)
    Ngai, Tommy Ka Kit
  9. Capacity development: making the investment count in Uganda (2005)
    Coates, Sue; Reed, Brian; Fisher, Julie; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); WELL, Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough; DFID
  10. Capacity development: making the investment count in Uganda * (2005)
    Coates, Sue; Reed, Brian; Fisher, Julie


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