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  1. Institutional sustainability: a case study on project transition in rural Malawi * (2016)
    Hughes, Genevieve
  2. Town sanitation planning experience in small towns: a case of northern Uganda * (2018)
    Mujjabi, Martin Mukasa
  3. Community managed rural water and sanitation projects in arid and semi arid lands of Kenya (2008)
    Lokong, A.T.
  4. Rural water supply and sanitation handbook for extension workers Volume 1 - Community management (2002)
    Carl Bro International; Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  5. The role of capacity building in environmental management: a case of sub-Sahara Africa (2003)
    Lupunga, Arnold
  6. Water Resources Management Strategy. Report on participation and consultation process at the local government area level in Delta and Rivers States (2001)
    Asemota, Abel; Lift Above Poverty Organisation
  7. Gram Vikas annual report 2001 - 2002 (2001)
    Gram Vikas
  8. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and poverty reduction in sub Saharan Africa. A learning study (synthesis). Building Digital Opportunities (BDO) Programme (2003)
    Gerster, Richard; Zimmerman, Sonja; Gerster Consulting
  9. Operationalizing FSM regulations at city level: a case study of Warangal, India * (2017)
    Chary, Srinivas
  10. Rural enterprise in renewable energy development. A case study of the biogas programme of Gram Vikas in Orissa (2001)
    Gram Vikas; Winrock International


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