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  1. Rethinking sustainable latrine use through human behaviour change and local capacity development * (2012)
    Dube, Addise Amado
  2. Capacity building in Cambodia's rural local governments for the sanitation market * (2017)
    Worsham, Kimberly
  3. Capacity strengthening in sanitation : benefits of a long-term collaboration with a utility and research institute * (2011)
    Bassan, Magalie
  4. Creating accountability lines for sustainable rural water services in Tanzania * (2011)
    van Rooij, Jan Willem
  5. Enabling effective capacity development of community role for rural water supply in Gabiley Region, Somaliland (2012)
    Amier, Kamal
  6. Public water utility versus private: the case of Burao and Borama, Somaliland * (2016)
    Hashi, Faisal
  7. Malawi 2015 Floods Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report * (2015)
    Malawi Government; Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)
  8. Project performance evaluation report for Indonesia. Indonesia: Capacity Building Project in the Water Resources Sector * (2006)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB); Operations Evaluation Department
  9. Small town water supply services in Ghana: reality and challenges (2006)
    Delbos, Baptiste


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