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  1. A regional analysis of river floods and low flows in Malawi (WRB No TP 8) (1980)
    Drayton, R.S.; Kidd, C.H.R.; Mandeville, A.N.; Miller, J.B.
  2. Romwe catchment study, Zimbabwe : effect of land management on groundwater recharge, and implications for small-scale irrigation using groundwater (first interim report) IH Report ODA 95/9 (1995)
    Butterworth, J.A; Lovell, C.J; Mharapara, I; Mugabe, F.T; Simmonds, L; Institute of Hydrology; Lowveld Research Station, Chiredzi, Zimbabwe; ODA Overseas Development Administration; Zimbabwe, Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Water Development
  3. More about water in Namibia: part two of a resource package to develop awareness of water (1994)
    Ward, Vivienne
  4. Management of hydrological drought in Malawi - a case study from Linthipe river basin (1996)
    Mikuwa, M. K.
  5. National seminar on forest resources managemnet in bangladesh: issues, problems and prospects (1990)
    Rahman, S.H.; Hossain, M.Z.; Ali, S.I.; Huq, S.; Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
  6. Water resource development in Northern Afghanistan and its implications for Amu Darya Basin (2004)
    Ahmad, Masood; Wasiq, Mahwash; World Bank
  7. Fair deals for watershed services in Bolivia. Developing markets for watershed services and improved livelihoods * (2007)
    Asquith, Nigel; Vargas, Maria Teresa; International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  8. The Philippines recommends for watershed management (1991)
    Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research an; PCARRD
  9. A history of the first decade of water service delivery in South Africa 1994 to 2004. Meeting the millennium development goals *
    South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
  10. Building community WASH resilience: the case study of a rock catchment system in Marsabit County, Kenya * (2018)
    Ochieng, Fredrick


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