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  1. Drinking water access, quality and handling in the Hawassa Basin, Ethiopia * (2021)
    Patrissi, Donato
  2. Microbiological survey of non-treated water used for domestic purposes in urban Kumasi, Ghana (1999)
    Stanley, Karen; Lancaster University, Institute of Environmental and Natural Sciences
  3. The contamination of shallow ground water by pit latrines in Maputaland - observations from the field (1999)
    Deverill, Paul; Cook, Charlotte; Nash, Stephen; Partners in Development; European Union; Mvula Trust
  4. Disinfection of water by exposure to sunlight (1990)
    Mozah, Joseph A.
  5. Bacterial removal in slow sand filters (1982)
    Sharma, Madhav Prasad
  6. Disinfection using chloroisocyanurates in emergency situations (1987)
    Mutalemwa, Alistion Sebastian
  7. Evaluacion del funcionamiento de las letrinas solares del los cobanos, canton punta remedios, Municipio de Acajutla, Departamento de Sonsonate (2000)
    El Savador, Municipio de Acajutla, Departamento de Sonsonate
  8. Travel of bacteria in unfissured sandstone (1981)
    Tawari, E.B.
  9. Household water quality in rural communities of Kwara State (1990)
    Ologe, O.J.
  10. A sustainable method of effluent disposal: case study of Antalya Sea Outfall, Turkey * (2011)
    Muhammetoglu, Ayse


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