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  1. Faisalabad Area Upgrading Project. A review of the project 1994 - 1999 (1999)
    Khan, Atta Ullah; Alam, S. M. Khatib; Faisalabad Area Upgrading Project (FAUP); Project Management Unit; GHK International Ltd
  2. Integrated development for water supply and sanitation: Proceedings of the 25th WEDC Conference, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1999 * (1999)
    Pickford, John
  3. Management of water supply in peri-urban areas (1999)
    Musa, I.S.
  4. More than water. Impact evaluation of drinking water supply and sanitation interventions in rural Mozambique [The One Million Initiative, 2006-2013] * (2011)
    Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB); UNICEF, Evaluation Office
  5. Participatory planning for integrated rural water supply and sanitation programmes: Guidelines and manual - 3rd edition * (2006)
    Ockelford, Jeremy; Reed, Bob
  6. Review of sustainability of small towns piped water services in Ghana [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Nedjoh, John
  7. Sustainable sanitation promotion in Nigeria: A mix of Approaches. * (2009)
    Ogunjobi, Bioye
  8. Sustainable water resources for Sub-Saharan Africa: a matter of appropriate technology and gender aware community participation [part of the Master of Social Development Projects Program SOCW7858 - University of New South Wales] (2010)
    Cohen, Simon
  9. The role of information and communications technology in real-time monitoring for quality WASH infrastructure * (2017)
    Darko, Philip
  10. UNICEF follw-up survey of households in [Community Action for Social Development] CASD villages May-June 2000 (2000)
    Kenefick, Eric; UNICEF Cambodia


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