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  1. PPP and the Poor: Interim findings - Part B - Case studies * (2001)
    Sohail, M.; Cotton, A.P.
  2. Rural Water and Sanitation East Uganda Project. WDD-Danida project proposal report (1989)
    Carl Bro International; Centre for Development Research; DanEduc Consulting; Danida
  3. Rural water supply and sanitation programme. Handouts for the integrated approach trainings
    Bhutan Government, Department of Works and Housing
  4. Sanitation upgrading: the on-plot to off-plot interface (1992)
    Scott Robson, Theron A.
  5. Sustainability of community-based rural water supply organizations * (2000)
    De Vera, Antonio, R.; Philippines, Water Supply and Sanitation Performance Enhancement Project (WPEP)
  6. Technical sustainability of community managed big gravity water supply project Hitosa, Ethiopia [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Wolde Hateau, Gossa
  7. The role of the church in improving access to sanitation * (2009)
    Greaves, Frank
  8. Using cell phones to monitor and evaluate behaviour change through community health clubs in South Africa * (2009)
    Rosenfeld, Jason
  9. Water & sanitation assessment of home-based care clients in Zambia * (2006)
    Kangamba, Maric; Roberts, Cindy; Campbell, James; Service, John; Adalla, Cecilia; WHO World Health Organization; Catholic Relief Services (CRS); USAID US Agency for International Development
  10. Community-based quantitative groundwater monitoring in rural villages: case study Burkina Faso (2012)
    Philippe, Sterenn


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