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  1. The effectiveness of Typha Latifolia for phytoremediation of hazardous heavy metals in wastewater * (2021)
    Dinka, Megersa Olumana
  2. Bacteriological and physico-chemical quality of household drinking water in Kisii Town, Kisii County, Kenya * (2021)
    Ondieki, Janet
  3. Impact of anthropogenic activities and salinity on groundwater quality in a typical coastal basin, West Africa * (2021)
    Egbi, Courage Davidson
  4. G019: An introduction to water safety plans * (2014)
    Smith, Michael; Reed, Brian; Greaves, Frank; Shaw, Rod
  5. Point of use water treatment technique: lessons from World Vision’s drought response project in Taita Taveta, Kenya * (2018)
    Faith, Marekia
  6. Sanitary risk assessment and water quality of community-managed water supplies in the low land and mid-hills of Nepal * (2021)
    Poudel, Moti
  7. Low-cost biomass as novel adsorbents for the removal of heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater used for crop irrigation in developing countries * (2017)
    Mohammed, Sadeeq Abubakar
  8. Rethinking drinking water security: a disaster-risk management approach for the geogenic water quality problem areas * (2021)
    Prasad, Uday Shankar
  9. Selection and prioritization of organic contaminants for monitoring in the drinking-water value chain * (2011)
    Ncube, Esper Jacobeth
  10. Institutionalizing community led action for sanitary surveillance (CLASS) through launch of a reward scheme * (2011)
    Mishra, Vinod Kumar