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  1. Chlorinating small water supplies; a review of gravity-powered and water-powered chlorinators * (2001)
    Skinner, Brian
  2. Ageing of chlorine sources (1987)
    Shillingi, Mugisha
  3. Small scale chlorination using bleaching powder (1984)
    Smith, Michael D.
  4. Sachet-type point-of-use (POU) water treatment product comparison for emergencies * (2013)
    Marois-Fiset, Jean-Thomas
  5. The ageing of chlorine sources and simple chlorination (1985)
    Reeves, P.H.
  6. Disinfection of water by exposure to sunlight (1990)
    Mozah, Joseph A.
  7. The effect of ultraviolet radiation and temperature in solar disinfection of water (1992)
    Addy, John K.
  8. Disinfection using chloroisocyanurates in emergency situations (1989)
    Rubalema, Julius K.
  9. Disinfection using chloroisocyanurates in emergency situations (1987)
    Mutalemwa, Alistion Sebastian
  10. Improvements to Kigoma town water supply (1985)
    Rugashumba, Alexandra M.


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