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  1. Energy study on Hong Kong commercial buildings (1996)
    Lau, Ka Man Carmen
  2. Seawater desalination transforming the Gaza Strip * (2017)
    Peiris, Mohanlal
  3. A review of appropriate solar desalination options for Jordan [Distance Learning] (2016)
    Monnard, Gilbert
  4. Sustainable water pumping in refugee camps: costs and benefits of over-sized solar PV systems * (2017)
    Harkness, Brendon
  5. Low-cost faecal sludge dewatering and carbonisation for production of fuel briquettes * (2018)
    Atwijukye, Osbert
  6. Sustainable water pumping in refugee camps: solar PV / diesel hybrid scenarios at Nyarugusu, Tanzania * (2017)
    Harkness, Brendon
  7. Renewables in Maldives (1994)
    Badeeu, Idrees
  8. An appraisal framework: Energy From Waste (EFW) plants for developing countries (2003)
    Vordoagu, Willy C.K.
  9. Cost evaluation of sustainable solar: diesel hybrid power for water pumping in refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya * (2016)
    Ahmed, Osman Yussuf
  10. Decentralized solar-powered drinking treatment in Kisumu County, Kenya * (2021)
    Dorevitch, Samuel


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