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  1. Alternative pumping techniques, Botswana (1995)
    Khumomatlhare, B.
  2. Pakistan Engineering Congress 66th Annual Session Proceedings Vol 66 (1996)
    Pakistan Engineering Congress (PEC)
  3. The role of engineers in the demand responsive approach: A case study from South Africa (A WEDC MSc study in International Development) * (2001)
    Bos, Annette; Bos, J.J.; Smout, Ian
  4. The role of engineers in the demand responsive approach: a study from South Africa (2000)
    Bos, J.J.
  5. Urban drainage and malaria control (2008)
    Gomez Vega, Gadea
  6. Briefing paper on the status and prospects for Borama water supply Somaliland * (2011)
    Print, Chris
  7. Sanitation manual - design procedures: a source of reference on basic sanitary engineering with design criteria for solutions considered appropriate for local conditions. Concentrates on potential problems and available solutions, particularly low-cost techniques for sewage disposal (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  8. The expatriate engineer in NGO projects (1987)
    Armstrong, J.T.
  9. Urban water supply and sanitation (1999)
    World Bank, South Asia Region, Rural Development Sector Unit; India, Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment; Department For International Development (DFID)


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