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  1. Methodological lessons and findings from an impact evaluation of a WASH project in Indonesia * (2011)
    Sijbesma, Christine
  2. Community partnership for sustainable water management: experiences of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) systems rehabilitation project - Volume III Engineering evaluation (1998)
    Nishat, Ainun; Mirjahan, M.; Saleh, Abdul Fazal M.
  3. Fifty years of monitoring and evaluation - from before Drawers of Water to beyond the MDGs * (2011)
    Norman, Rachel
  4. The integration of water supply and sanitation: a success? (2001)
    Leblanc, M.E.
  5. Are we learning our lessons? Examining best practice to determine how current theory and practice relate in the quality of delivered water and sanitation projects [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Frazer, J.P.
  6. Brief on Niger State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RUWATSAN) Project (2001)
  7. Evaluation of community management. Supplementary module 7o (2000)
    WASHE (Water Sanitation Health Education) in Zambia; Water Sector Reform Support Unit
  8. Evaluation of the ICRC environmental sanitation programme in Kabul, Afghanistan (2003)
    Reed, Bob; Khan, Mimi
  9. Evaluation of the ICRC environmental sanitation programme in Kabul, Afghanistan: appendices (2003)
    Reed, Bob; Khan, Mimi
  10. Evolving water point mapping to strategic decision making in rural Malawi * (2018)
    Miller, Alexandra


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