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  1. More than water. Impact evaluation of drinking water supply and sanitation interventions in rural Mozambique [The One Million Initiative, 2006-2013] * (2011)
    Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB); UNICEF, Evaluation Office
  2. Piloting a methodology to understand waste reduction behaviour in Charnwood * (2011)
    Hopkins, Joseph
  3. Transforming organizations by learning and adaptation: process monitoring in the NWFP Community Infrastructure Project (CIP) *
    Viloria, Julie; Hosain, Mehreen; SASIN; WSP-SA
  4. A monitoring and evaluation system for the RUWASA project (Rural Water and Sanitation East Uganda Project WDD-DANIDA) (1991)
    Rural Water and Sanitation Uganda Project WDD-DANIDA; Coleman, Gilroy; Carl Bro International; Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia
  5. Adezai pilot project, Pakistan (1994)
    Colin, J.S.
  6. FGN/UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme, Nigeria. Part four: appendices (2001)
    Jawara, D.; Barker, P.; Colin, J.S.; Hellandendu, J.; Okuofu, C.; Parry-Jones, Sarah; Yakubu, M.; Wedgwood, A.
  7. Urgent human needs: rural water supply and health education in Aral Sea area (UZB/95/Q05/5Q/99) (1998)
    Boogard, Wilma van den; Reed, Bob; Oudman, Martin; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Holland
  8. Sector study water supply and sanitation. Vol 2. Present status (1986)
    Bangladesh: Ministry of Local Government; Netherlands: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  9. Infrastructure for all: Meeting the needs of both men and women in development projects - a practical guide for engineers, technicians and project managers * (2007)
    Reed, Brian
  10. Assessing ability and willingness to pay [Shelved with CN 037 China Water Sector Briefing Notes 1 to 13]
    Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); Water Sector Development Project (WSDP); Department For International Development (DFID)


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