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  1. In the cause of improving community water supply management * (2009)
    Alubbe, Patrick
  2. Water tariff rationalisation in Kerala Water Authority * (2009)
    Girijavallabhan, V K
  3. Evaluation of the long term sustainability of biosand filters in rural Ethiopia * (2009)
    Earwaker, Paul
  4. Finance manual for implementation of sector reform pilot projects (2001)
    Government of India; Ministry of Rural Development; Department of Drinking Water Supply
  5. Improving sanitation through sanitation centre: A case study of Chediya; Nigeria * (2009)
    Agberemi, Zakariyah Olabisi
  6. Multisectoral collaboration in Liberia: INGO WASH consortium lessons learnt and experiences shared * (2009)
    Richey, Chantal
  7. Study of rural water supply service delivery models in Vietnam * (2010)
    SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
  8. Urban partnership approaches: A WSUP update * (2009)
    Bevan, Jane
  9. Urban sanitation in Zimbabwe and the relation to environmental pollution (1997)
    Taylor, P.; Mudege, N.R.; Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Zimbabwe
  10. Using tariff structures as a demand management instrument: the case of Kampala * (2009)
    Kayaga, Sam


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