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  1. Mozambique national water report for meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Financial needs (2003)
    Government of Mozambique, Ministry of Public Works & Housing; National Directorate of Water Affairs
  2. Project implementation manual for use by project communities [Zambia]. Volume 1 (1994)
    Collinson, Barbara; Sythes, Boyd; Zambia, Government of the Republic of; National Commission for Development Planning; Microprojects Unit
  3. Sanitation financing lessons learnt from application of different financing instruments in Busia County * (2018)
    Josphat, M
  4. Water supply and sanitation in Nigeria. Turning finance into services for 2015 and beyond. An AMCOW country status overview * (2015)
    African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW); Water and Sanitation Program - Africa; African Development Bank (AfDB)
  5. Water supply in Britain: Leicester during the second half of the 19th century (2007)
    Chen, QuingQui
  6. Cost-effective boreholes in sub-Saharan Africa * (2009)
    Danert, Kerstin
  7. Effect study on DPHE - DANIDA water supply & sanitation Project in Chaumuhani & Lakhsmipur Pourashavas (preliminary findings) (1999)
    ITN - Bangladesh; International Training Network Centre for Water Supply and Waste Management; Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka
  8. Improving water service to the urban poor of Lilongwe city (2001)
    Hanjahanja, Robert
  9. The feasibility of domestic rainwater harvesting in Loughborough, UK: a social and financial analysis (2006)
    Moore, Jonathan
  10. A novel sanitation model based on EcoSan philosophy * (2009)
    Tare, Vinod


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