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  1. Community empowerment: a case study of Gram Vikas' water and sanitation work in rural Orissa, India (2006)
    Keirns, P.
  2. Duckweed-based wastewater treatment (DWWT). Design guidelines for hot climates (1999)
    Moelyowati, Indra
  3. Experiences of implementing water safety plans in countries at different levels of development (2015)
    Huang, Lan-Kuei
  4. Feeling the pulse: a study of the total sanitation campaign in five states * (2008)
    Khurana, Indira; Sen, Romit; WaterAid India
  5. Gender issues in water and sanitation programmes. Lesson from India (2015)
    Cronin, Aidan A.; Mehta, Pradeep K.; Prakash, Anjal
  6. Inter-sectoral water allocation, planning and management (1999)
    World Bank, South Asia Region, Rural Development Sector Unit; India, Ministry of Water Resources
  7. Report on the visit to Sri Lanka 11-25 March 1993. Dr P.R. Lewis and Mr P. Hargreaves [Faculty of Technology, The Open University] (1993)
    Open University (OU); Lewis, P.R.; Hargreaves, P.
  8. Research on point of use water treatment on childhood diarrhea [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Vajpai, Bhawna Maheshwari
  9. Stakeholder analysis in local solid waste management schemes * (1999)
    Snel, Marielle; Ali, Mansoor; Saywell, Darren
  10. Technology options for household sanitation * (2007)
    Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission; Government of India, Department of Drinking Water Supply; Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development


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