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  1. Performance monitoring of micro-contracts for the procurement of urban infrastructure * (2000)
    Sohail, M.; Cotton, Andrew
  2. Phase II - benchmarking urban water utilities in India * (2008)
    Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia
  3. Poverty mapping. A situation analysis of poverty pockets in Gwalior (2006)
    WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  4. Poverty mapping. Prioritising interventions - intra slum inequities analysis. Bhopal (2007)
    Dabrase, Pramod S.; Thakkar, Mamita Bora; Mukkarjee, Anniruddhe; WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  5. Poverty mapping. Prioritising interventions - intra slum inequities analysis. Jabalpur (2007)
    Dabrase, Pramod S.; Mukkarjee, Anniruddhe; Thakkar, Mamita Bora; WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  6. Proceedings of the workshop on sanitary protection and upgradation of traditional surface water sources for domestic consumption: project sponsored by UNICEF 17-18 August, 1992, Calcutta (1992)
    All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta; WaterAid; Mandra Unnayan Samsad
  7. Provision of water and sanitation services to small towns. Lessons from case studies in Uganda and India: part A - lessons learned * (2000)
    Colin, Jeremy; Morgan, Joy; Woodfield, Julie
  8. Rain water harvesting (1990)
    Government of India; India, Department of Rural Development; India, Ministry of Agriculture
  9. Report on a socio-economic study of slum dwellers in the urban areas of Maharashtra (1986)
    All India Institute of Local Self-Government; Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies
  10. Review of water and drainage services for Ghaziabad City and SUDS potential in India (2010)
    Chaturvedi, Sanjay Kumar


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