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  1. Eastern African action plan. Strategic action plan for land-based sources and activities affecting the marine, coastal and associated fresh water environment in the Eastern African Region. A report prepared by Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Project for the Protection and Management of the Marine and Coastal Areas of the Eastern African Region (EAF/5). Mauritius * (1985)
    Jootun, L.; Bhikajee, M.; Prayag, R.; Soyfoo, R.; Port Louis, Ministry of Environment and Quality of Life; University of Mauritius, Faculty of Science; Mauritius, Ministry of Local Governments and Environment
  2. Small industries environmental assessment and control in Bangladesh (1995)
    Rahman, Md Lutfor
  3. Tannery wastewater treatment (1981)
    Worasute, T.
  4. Industrial waste management in Sri Lanka (1997)
    Fernando, K.T.Pradeepa
  5. Wastewater management for Asmara municipality in Eritrea (1998)
    Tesfai, Petros
  6. Environmental policies of industrial discharge 'Greater Cairo' (1997)
    Khallaf, Maha S.
  7. Water management in paper manufacture and its application in Venezuela (1989)
    D'Angelo Catalani, Manuela
  8. Activated carbon treatment of industrial organic wastewater (1984)
    Workneh, Belete Lakew
  9. Magnitude and sources of water pollution in Botswana: final report (1990)
    Botswana, Republic of. Department of Water Affairs; WLPU Consultants
  10. Standards for liquid effluents, gaseous emissions, automobile exhaust and noise (1990)
    Central Pollution Control Board India


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