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  1. Water pollution control strategy for Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia (1998)
    Ebba, Rahel K.
  2. Suitability of anaerobic processes for small island developing states - case study Jamaica (1998)
    Harms, Claudia
  3. Treatment and disposal of brewery effluent at Cross River Breweries Ltd. Uyo; Nigeria (1985)
    Ukere, E.A.
  4. Water and wastewater management in the soft drink industry in Kenya (1990)
    Magoba, J.A.
  5. Fish processing in Uganda. Appropriate effluent management (1998)
    McDonald, C.M.
  6. Removal of phosphorus from dairy waste: case study Nestle dairy in Carlisle (2008)
    Van Lierde, Patrick
  7. Dairy wastewater treatment with aerated submerged fixed-film (ASFF) bioreactor (1991)
    Adeyemi, M.A.


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