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  1. Advocacy manual for gender and water ambassadors: Guidelines - lobbying, speeches, conferences;Training Module; Case Studies * (2003)
    Lidonde, Rose Atemo; De Jong, Dick; Barot, Nafisa; Nahar, Begum Shamsun; Maharaj, Niala; Derbyshire, Helen; Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
  2. Comprehensive and integrated water resources mangament. Ethiopian water resources management policy (2000)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources
  3. Report on Tigray regional water partnership launching workshop: promoting integrated water resources management (IWRM), held on 20th to 22nd December, 2005, Mekelle, Ethiopia (2005)
    Jembere, Kidanemariam; Ethiopia Country Water Partnership (ECWP); Global Water Partnership, Eastern Africa
  4. The application of integrated water resource management principles in the oil and gas industry (2014)
    Anku, Bessy Ewoenam
  5. Multicriteria decision making for integrated water resources management in an irrigation scheme * (2011)
    Gorantiwar, Sunil
  6. Professional Development course: Integrated Water Resources Management (Distance Learning) * (2010)
    Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  7. Tools for water use and demand management in South Africa (2001)
    Herbertson, P.W.; Tate, E.L.; World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  8. Water resources in the Sultanate of Oman: challenges and opportunities (2000)
    Al-Sarhani, Ismaeel Bin Ibrarih Bin Saeed
  9. Improving the implementation of decentralisation in water sector in Central Java Province, Indonesia (2005)
    Pudyastuti, Purwanti Sri
  10. The appropriate boundary for integrated water resources management: literature review (2011)
    Suda, Eriko


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