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  1. Water in expanding cities - a case study of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India (Master of Science Degree Project) (1996)
    Bergh, Gunilla; Nordberg, Pia; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; KTH
  2. Water quality management for domestic rainwater harvesting systems in Fiji * (2013)
    Kohlitz, Jeremy P.
  3. Cost recovery for piped rural water supply systems in developing countries: case studies * (2016)
    Angwec, Catherine Agwai
  4. Gross pollution within surface water management in Southeast Asia (2012)
    Harrison, Stephen
  5. How process transparency and government supports affect cost recovery? A case study on Tangerang Water Supply PPP, Indonesia [Distance Learning] (2011)
    Cheong, Chai Kam
  6. Investigating corporate memory implementation in organisations: a case study of Shell, Nigeria (2006)
    Ekiyor, Lewis Prince
  7. Investigating the attitudes of engineers to implementing new sanitation technologies in emergencies; using Urine Diversion (UD) as a case study (2010)
    Shaylor, Esther
  8. Private sector management of water supply services to small towns in Uganda [Distance learning] (2005)
    Garvey, Gerry
  9. Social implications of pig waste management practices on pig farmers in Cyprus (2007)
    Votsi, Eleni
  10. Environmental sanitation - interventions into seasonal cholera outbreaks in Lusaka [Distance Learning] (2007)
    Mulenga, Chibesa Z.


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