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  1. Do not waste. Solid waste management (SWM) and recycling in post-emergency Haiti [with CDROM] (2013)
    Forni, Olmo
  2. Federal Ministry of Water Resources Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Programme - Monitoring progress and process of the small towns water supply and sanitation programme - pilot project, Nigeria. Inception report July 2003 (2003)
    Parkman Consultants Ltd; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  3. Fires in informal settlements in India and the Philippines * (2011)
    Westwell, Christopher
  4. Household biogas systems in low-income rural regions * (2010)
    Saf, Soren
  5. How applicable is water demand management in low income countries: a study of Kaduna State Water Board Zaria-Nigeria (2011)
    Aliyu, Binta Yakubu
  6. Inclusive primary education in Tanzania: the role of accessible sanitation * (2011)
    Barakzai, S.Shiriin
  7. Management of non-revenue water: a case study of the water supply in Accra, Ghana (2008)
    Adu Yeboah, Peter
  8. The role of engineers in the demand responsive approach: A case study from South Africa (A WEDC MSc study in International Development) * (2001)
    Bos, Annette; Bos, J.J.; Smout, Ian
  9. The role of engineers in the demand responsive approach: a study from South Africa (2000)
    Bos, J.J.
  10. Water pricing in Zanzibar: effects of volumetric tariff on residential water consumption * (2014)
    Saheki, Takeshi


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