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  1. Wastewater irrigation (1989)
    Masri, A.H.
  2. Water Law Review Vol 4 No 2, Spring 2001 (2001)
  3. Sweet wastewater: irrigating sugarcane with soapberry effluent - Rio Cobre, Jamaica [Distance Learning] (2016)
    Simpson, Jhanelle A.
  4. Equity of irrigation water distribution: a case study from Afghanistan [Distance Learning] (2011)
    Mehari, Yohannes Michael
  5. Health engineering in the Gezira irrigation scheme, Sudan (1986)
    Diyab, Hussein Diyab
  6. Irrigation practice in Iraq (1986)
    Matti, Suleiman M.A.M.
  7. Modernization and the evolution of irrigation practices in the Rio Dulce Irrigation Project Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Una tarea de Todos (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2006)
    Prieto, Daniel
  8. Rehabilitation of small-scale irrigation systems in Sri Lanka: state policy and practice in two systems (IIMI country Paper-Sri Lanka No. 6). (1990)
    IIMI Country Paper, Sri Lanka No 6; Abeyratne, Shyamala; International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI)
  9. Community partnership for sustainable water management: experiences of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) systems rehabilitation project - Volume V Environmental impact assessment (1998)
    Environment and GIS Support Project for Water Sector Planning (EGIS)
  10. Institution building and rural development in Nepal: Gadkhar Water users committee (Natural Resource Management Paper Series Number 8) (1987)
    Natural Resource Management Paper Series Number 8; Upendra, Gautam; Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development; Nepal, HMG Ministry of Agriculture; US Agency for International Development (USAID); German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ); International Development Research Centre (IDRC)


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