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  1. Les forages artesiens du Fakara (artesian wells of Fakara) Annexes Volume 2 (1996)
    Tognola, Claudio
  2. Possible sewage effluent irrigation for Cyprus (1983)
    Malikides, Eftychios
  3. Reforms in turbulent times. A study on the theory and practice of three irrigation management policy reform models in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe (2006)
    Zawe, Conrade
  4. Water quality data book of Somalia. Hydrogeology and water quality of southern Somalia. Volume 1: text (GTZ Project No 80.2193.3-09.112) (1986)
    Faillace, C.; Faillace, E.R.; Water Development Agency (WDA) Somalia
  5. Biodiesel production from Jatropha cultivation using treated wastewater in Accra, Ghana (2007)
    Oluwo, Remilekun Ganiat
  6. Estimating relative benefits of differing strategies for management of wastewater in lower Egypt using quantitative microbial risk analysis (QMRA). Final report * (2012)
    Evans, Barbara; Iyer, Param; University of Leeds; Water Partnership Program (WPP)
  7. Evaluation of Northern Plains Irrigation Project: Mauritius. Volume 1: main report (Evaluation report EV 500) (1990)
    Overseas Development Administration, Evaluation Department; ODA; Jones, D.; Taylor, A.; Weatherhead, E.; Kennard, R.
  8. Farmer-managed irrigation systems in Nepal: the impact of interventions (1992)
    Research Report Series Number 18; Shivakoti, Ganesh; Giri, Khadka; Ostrom, Elinor; HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  9. Groundwater development project in East Java. The utilization of buried pipe line for irrigation distribution system (1990)
    Indonesia, Ministry of Public Works, Directorate General of Water Resources De
  10. Jordan's water strategy and policies (2002)
    Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of, Ministry of Water and Irrigation


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