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  1. Testing the effect of fabric filtration prior to the three-pot system (2015)
    Abdulkadir, Abubakar Shettima
  2. Time lag between adding and mixing the coagulant (1992)
    Kayongo, C.M.D.
  3. Treadle pump for irrigation in Zambia (1992)
    Mtonga, Jasper
  4. Assessing the impact of storage tank material on rainwater quality (2007)
    Qi, Shihua
  5. Comparative assessment of field methods for microbiological water testing in emergencies (2006)
    Adegbite, Afeez Ayoade
  6. Lime-magnesium coagulation for saline wastewater treatment (2005)
    Harvie, Sarah A.
  7. Use of magnafloc LT25 in a batch system for emergency water treatment (2005)
    Alam, Shahjabin
  8. Hydraulics of waste stablization ponds (1981)
    Msimbe, L.G.D.
  9. Using KDF for removing metals and nitrate from water (1991)
    Abisabo, D.A.
  10. Aesthetic and bacterial quality of rainwater stored in tanks of different materials (2008)
    Iseyemi, O.Oluwayinka


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