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  1. Manufacture of domestic service saddle straps (tapping straps) from rigid PVC (1989)
    Dewar, D.
  2. Pakistan water quality mapping and management project. Scoping study - draft final report May 2001 (2001)
    Chilton, P.J; Jamieson, D.; Abid, M.S.; Milne, C.J.; Ince, M.E.; Aziz, J.A.
  3. Performance of first-flush diverters in the UK (2008)
    Arita, Kazuhiro
  4. Environmental assessment study for the Lagos Water Corporation under The World Bank assisted project preparation facility for The National Water Rehabilitation Project. Final report (2005)
    World Bank (WB)
  5. Oil spillage management and household water treatment in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria (2015)
    Ivry, Oyinmi Gloria
  6. The use of inclined plate sedimentation tanks as a water treatment stage and an assessment of their use for treating turbid water in emergencies (2011)
    Jamous, Walid
  7. Removal of phosphorus from dairy waste: case study Nestle dairy in Carlisle (2008)
    Van Lierde, Patrick
  8. Three-pot household water treatment system: testing the effectiveness * (2012)
    Chegkazi, Katerina
  9. Resistivity survey of Blackbrook standard catchment, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire (1987)
    Sa'idu, M.B.
  10. Pretreatment of polluted waters using a dual media horizontal-flow gravel filter prior to slow sand filtration (1992)
    Salala, Henry E.M.


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