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  1. Customising the toilet designs: a key to growth factor under universal sanitation programme * (2016)
    Prasad, U. S.
  2. Low-cost toilet options - a catalogue: Social marketing for urban sanitation. (2004)
    Obika, A.
  3. A report on family latrine trials at Tongi and Demra resettlement camps in Bangladesh (1980)
    Williams, David.F; OXFAM; CONCERN
  4. Evaluation of the ICRC environmental sanitation programme in Kabul, Afghanistan: appendices (2003)
    Reed, Bob; Khan, Mimi
  5. Sanitation: a construct-it-yourself manual on VIP latrine (a supporting manual to findings from WaterAid (GH)'s research) (1991)
    Anti, Frederick Adu; WaterAid Training Materials Unit (WATMU)
  6. A sociological impact assessment of the use of VIP latrine in Lagos state, Nigeria (1987)
    Odumosu, A.O.T.; Agberemi, Z.A.; Hydraulic Research Unit, University of Lagos
  7. A study to assess the performance of CLP raised plinths, low cost latrines and access to clean water during the July 2012 flood. Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP) (2012)
    Kenward, S.; Cordier, L.; Islam, R.
  8. Action plan on rural sanitation Andhra Pradesh (1991-1995) (1995)
    India, Government of Andhra Pradesh; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  9. Issue paper 3: the pour flush latrine for guests only?: a socio-cultural perspective on the pour flush latrine in Chitral (1993)
    Aga Khan Health Service Northern Areas & Chitral Gilgit; Korput, Jan van de; Langendijk, Michael A.M.
  10. Job guide for masons involved in the construction of institutional latrines


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